Barcelona, Costa Brava, Rome, Balearic Islands, Down to Gilbraltar,


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Arch de Triumph

Barcelona from boat



Plaza Espana Castle Museum

By land to

Costa Brava



Besalu Bridge

Besalu Town Square

Costa Brava scenery

Denny thinking?

Genova Basilica

The Boys and Cristina on Genova Bridge

Tom proposing


Coliseum from Forum

In the Forum

Rome is cool!

St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Square from Basilica

I think it's raining

Vatican City

Vatican Library Ceiling


Tarragona Coliseum

Tarragona Roman Fortress

Balearic Islands by sail

Arrive Mallorca at Pto Soler

Cathedral at Soler

Soler Square

Mallorca Train to Palmaa

A Mallorca Mountain Village

Ibiza arrival

Ibiza south coast

Ibiza harbor from castle

Ibiza Castle from sea

In Ibiza Castle

Formentura Island

Down the coast

to Gibraltar

Calpe Town Anchorage

Coasta Blanca sunrise

Coasta Blanca resort

Cartagena Harbor

Cartagena government center

Old bull ring

Cartagena Castle


Mt. Hacho-Africa

The Pillars

Gibraltar and Ceuta

A resident

Castle moat

Castle parade ground

Ceuta front street

Crossing 12 miles to Ceuta

Nice architecture

Point Europa

Pza Espana Cathedral view

Queensway Marina from the Rock

Rock from Linea, Spain

The Pillar with Cloud Cap

Top of the Rock

Straits and Cadiz

Fast trip out Straits

Cadiz Harbor

Cadiz old walls

Seventh century gate

The Cadiz

The Basilica - Huge

Old park

City gate

Boats and fortifications

Spanish Navy Training Ship

Sta Maria bull ring

Bull ring

Sta Maria manor

Second Columbus voyage