Local Sailing Ship, Alor
Village Life, Alor
Ili Apa Volcano,   Lomblen Island
Kilimutu Volcano,
  Flores Island. 
  After a very long day.
Ninca Island in Komodo
  Park, visiting the
  Komodo Dragons
Komodo Dragon, 15 feet long and very
  close.  No cages and bad attitude.
  But who gets to dominate?
Bima Town, Sumbawa.
  Shopping Center
Rinjani Mountain,
  Lombok Island
  12,224 feet
Lombok Straits
  sailing canoe in a
  20 knot breeze
Bali, a King's vacation spot.
  Nice digs.
If you like monkeys,
  you will love this temple
Making a bit of rice flour
  at Ubud, a job I can handle.

  But the best is in the rice
  fields.  What leg exercise!
Benoit Marina, on my
  66th birthday

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